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To prepare the anus well to receive a fisting, you can start by progressively dilating it with your fingers, starting with just one finger, gently swirling it in order to relax the muscles and then once the anus has become accustomed and you feel it is ready to welcome something bigger, insert a second finger and so on. Anal sex could be an excellent intermediate, at least to gain confidence in the partner, then insert objects of increasing size for the next step. So we reiterate that the slow and constant exercise is the best ally for a safe practice.

Artificial lubrication is indispensable, therefore the use of an intimate lubricant is of use among those with aqueous, oily and silicone base, the latter we say so of last generation they are the best because they offer less friction, they dry more slowly and last more. The sensations at the moment of penetration could be ambivalent and in any case those who practice Fisting must keep the reactions of the partner under control because if the pain threshold exceeds that of pleasure, then that is the time to stop. The active partner must insert the hand in the anus by bending the fingers and following the natural curvature of the rectum, the thumb must be kept in contact with the palm (to form a wedge) and as they advance in the rectum the fingers must be folded on the thumb up to form the fist.

Once the hand has penetrated, there are various techniques to stimulate the rectum. Among the most common there are: torsion, vibration, plunger and bellows. Let's check them out one by one and then try to "practice" them more. Twisting is performed by rotating the fist in a circular motion so that the anus rubs against the wrist and the rectum against the fist. The Vibration moves the fist quickly but without moving it until it vibrates inside. The plunger consists of the in-out movement, similar to penetration (fist-fucking). The Mantice consists in opening and closing the hand inside the rectum, increasing the sensation of muscular tension and filling.